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Welcome To M.J'S Hatcheries!!

            Welcome to M.J's website!   Are you interested in raising chickens whether it's for your backyard or mass production, you have come to the right place. M.J's Hatcheries is a small, family owned business, located in Marietta, Ga, about 20 miles north of Atlanta. 

We have also  extended our products by shipping baby chicks through the postal service.

      Our chickens are anything but mass produced.  Our laying stock is handpicked, and quality control and purity of the bloodlines is important to us, so that we can provide the best possible hatchlings to you.  We normally keep one to two dozen chickens of each breed as layers, and we rotate fresh stock in, both to ensure the quality of the bloodlines and of the quality of the eggs that they lay. 

Enjoy our website and hope to talk to you soon!

We are now shipping!!!! Shipments will be sent out Monday-Wednesday Only so no chicks are stuck over the weekend. Free Shipping on orders 20-23 and 40-46 chicks. Minimum 2 chicks.

Silkies and Copper Maran $10ea and Le Fleche $15ea

All other breeds are $5 each no minimum. Local pick up purchase of 25-49 $4 each 50 plus $3 each. All Breeds are Straight run.